Small Business Accounting Package

Small Business Accounting Package from only $330 per month*

As a Small Business owner, tax time creeps up on you. It’s on you before you know it and many of the tax minimisation ideas you may have had never get implemented. What’s more, your Business tax requirements can impact on your personal tax and ability to build wealth. Small business accounting packages are designed to provide Small Business owners with the piece-of-mind of a fixed price to plan and manage your accounting, tax planning and reporting requirements. This package also includes tax audit insurance for peace of mind and your Xero subscription.

Why Bizally developed this package

There is an expectation that business owners and managers know more about tax compliance and accounting than they do. There is also a belief that accessing the right advice is complex and costly. Bizally’s Small Business Accounting package has been designed to dispel both myths. With a fixed monthly fee, a clearly designed support package and access to the wealth and knowledge and experience provided by the entire Bizally team, Small Business owners are better positioned to make informed decisions about their futures.

Complimentary Client Review

Bizally is interested in you, as well as your business, which is why we provide you with the opportunity to meet and discuss your needs. It’s an opportunity for you to understand how we can help and an opportunity for us to get to know you, your goals and challenges. It’s how we discover how we can best support you and your goals.

The areas we like to focus on in this initial complimentary meeting are:

  • Your goals for your business and how you plan to achieve them
  • How your business goals fit in with your personal and lifestyle goals
  • The issues and challenges you are facing in your business (e.g. growth and profitability)
  • How you are managing your cash flow, asset protection, or your planned exit from (or sell) your business
  • How you can work with us to address these challenges and plans

Fixed Price Accounting & Compliance

Bizally will prepare your year-end financial accounts and income tax returns and ensure your accounts are accurate. Bizally’s tax minimisation strategies also ensure you pay the least amount of tax as possible while meeting your Compliance obligations.

This service includes:

  • Preparation of financial accounts including all analysis and reconciliations required
  • Calculation of Income Tax liabilities/refunds due
  • Preparation of income tax return (including schedules) 
  • Preparation of Directors Declarations, Reports & Resolutions for filing in the Corporate Register

Annual Tax Planning

In June each year, Bizally will conduct an annual tax planning analysis of your business. We will review year-to-date financial information, estimating income and expenses for the remainder of the financial year and make recommendations on ways you can legally minimise your tax obligations.

Annual Cash Flow Analysis

Planning your cash flow is critical. It is the secret of all successful business, and failing to manage cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail. Bizally’s cash flow management analysis will help you improve your cash conversion cycle and maximise your cash flow for your business.

Annual General Meeting

Our Small Business Accounting package also provides you with an Annual General Meeting, where we review your management reports and cash flow analysis. We also use this opportunity to discuss and review your tax position.

Monthly Xero Subscription

Your Small Business Accounting package includes your monthly Xero subscription.

Tax Audit Insurance

Any Australian business can be targeted at any time for an ATO or other Regulatory Body audit. The cost and stress of these audits are particularly taxing on Small Business owners. To reduce the impact of an audit, Bizally includes audit insurance in your Small Business Accounting package.

Telephone Support

The Small Business Accounting package provides you with unlimited phone and email support. If you have a question or need advice, simply send us an email or pick up and call.

*Based on a 12-month subscription model

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