Small Business and Personal Insurance

Why does Bizally provide Small Business and Personal insurance?

Bizally’s focus is on providing its clients with a comprehensive service that both increases personal wealth and mitigates risk. Bizally aids clients in selecting the most appropriate insurance products to mitigate both personal and business risk.

For many small business owners, their personal and business lives are inseparable. One example of this is the fact that many small business owners employ family members. Bizally’s goal with it’s clients is to ensure that they have no overlapping costs of insurance products or gaps in cover. This approach reduces the cost of insurance while providing ‘peace of mind’ to the families of small business owners.

Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner are you prepared for any eventuality? If you are incapable of working, can you still draw an income? Do you have professional indemnity insurance to protect your business from legal action? Do you have enough of the right type of insurance to protect you from theft, fire or natural disaster? If you lease a property, do you have the right type of insurance to cover what is not covered under the owners insurance?

The insurance options available to small business can be overwhelming. Most small business owners understand the value of insurance; however they are unsure what products best fit their needs. Too little insurance can leave you and your family exposed. Too much insurance can reduce your profitability and limit your ability to grow. Bizally will work with you to determine the right levels of cover for you and your business.

Personal Insurance

Do you have House and Contents insurance? If you work from home, does it include professional liability cover? Are your vehicles used for both business and personal use? If so, what is the right Motor Vehicle cover? Do you have Term Life Cover, to protect your family in the event you are not here to provide for them?

These are all areas of Personal Insurance that Bizally can help you with.

You next step

As a Melbourne based small business owner, your first step in determining your insurance portfolio is discussing your current situation with Bizally. Bizally can then provide you with advice on what cover you need, as well as provide your cover options.

As Bizally is neither and insurance broker or insurance provider, they can provide you with a more independent view of what insurance products best fit your needs. Contact Bizally today to arrange a discussion.

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