How to save time with Xero accounting software

How to save time with Xero accounting software

You set up your business to follow your passions and to lead a life of financial independence. You didn’t set up a business to spend your downtime filling out paperwork and worrying about cash flow. Bizally can show you how to set up and save time with Xero accounting software.

Build a picture-perfect business from day one.

You’ve probably pictured exactly what your business looks like when it’s humming along, and everything is going well. Turning that image into your reality starts with the right small business accounting software. Xero provides you with the confidence of being able to access real time information about your business, so that you’re always in control. It’s as simple as opening the Xero app anywhere, anytime. 


Paperwork is a lot like a leaking boat; if you don’t keep on top of it, you’ll drown in it. It’s best if you handle paperwork as you go. Xero helps you turn paperwork into part of your workflow by making it simple, intuitive and rewarding. What’s more, Xero helps automate dull and repetitive tasks, such as invoicing and bank reconciliations. With Xero your downtime remains your downtime.

Digital filing…done

Imagine how much more organised you could be if you could save the source paperwork for every business transaction, to access when and where you needed it. Xero allows you to do exactly this, and stores these important documents in the cloud, for easy access. Bills and other documents can be uploaded or emailed directly to your Xero account, meaning messy filing is a thing of the past.

Many hands make light work.

No matter how small your business, with Xero you have an opportunity to share the workload. Xero provides you with unlimited users, so now your employees, bookkeeper and accountant can share the load.

Automation is the way of the…now.

With Xero, bank transactions are handled exactly the way they should be; they're automated.

Easy invoicing.

Why stop at automating banking? With Xero it’s easy to set up invoice templates, recurring invoices, mobile invoicing and quotes. Once set up Xero automatically generates, saves and emails recurring invoices for you, based on your custom template.

Capture expenses anywhere

With Xero, your smartphone becomes a genius. Simply take a photo of a receipt and with a few clicks you’ve managed an expense and created a record.

Invoice from your mobile

If you’re mobile, so to should be your invoicing. Why wait to get to the office or (worse still) wait until you get home to create an invoice. Do it on the spot and get paid faster. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile accounting suite. Xero even does the chasing for you with automated payment reminders to customers.

Take online payments

Fewer and fewer people pay cash. More and more use their credit and debit cards and PayPal accounts. Xero allows you to take such payments directly through your mobile phone in just a few clicks.

Pay bills on time

Your suppliers, contractors and service providers have been nice enough to extend your terms. It’s only polite to make payments on time. Xero helps you keep on top of payments, showing you exactly what’s due to be paid and when.

The value of time saved

There’s a quote that says, “Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.” Xero makes it possible to save both time and save money. Understanding this, why wouldn’t you talk to Bizally about setting up your organisation on Xero.