Xero Bookkeeping Service

Xero Bookkeeping Service from only $300 per month* (when combined with Small Business Accounting)

Bizally provides a package that combines the benefits of Xero with a bookkeeping service supported by a Small Business Accountant, on a fixed monthly payment plan.

Why create a Small Business Bookkeeping Service?

Over the decades Bizally had met countless Small Business clients who struggled to manage their bookkeeping. They found outsourcing bookkeeping expensive and inefficient or that clients struggled with the task themselves, often wasting valuable time. This also resulted in bookkeeping errors, fines and unnecessary stress. All this distracted Small Business owners from focusing on growing their businesses and profit.

Bizally’s research into Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

After researching alternatives, Bizally learned what many Small Business owners already knew; that there were few options for Small Business looking to do more than keeping basic books. In response, Bizally designed their own bookkeeping service, which includes the day-to-day tasks (such as bank reconciliations and BAS preparation and lodgement), as well as the reporting functionality that allows businesses to plan their futures.

How Xero software reduces bookkeeping and accounting costs

At the core of Bizally’s Bookkeeping Service is Xero software. Bizally prefers to work with Xero accounting software because it believes it is the ideal solution for Small Business who want to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and better manage cash flow. And when you combine Bizally’s personalised Bookkeeping Service, Small Business owners can reduce overheads, improve compliance and reduce the costs associated with business planning and tax compliance.

The benefits of Bizally’s Bookkeeping Service

The fees you pay for bookkeeping should always be less than the fees you pay an accountant. It then makes sense to get you bookkeeping correct from the outset and ensure that all payments and invoices are correctly allocated. Then your accountant will not need to waste time correcting errors and will quickly be able to access your information to correctly prepare your annual financial accounts and tax returns, which ultimately will save you money.

Bizally then extends the benefits of their Bookkeeping Service by also providing a Small Business Accounting package, with a modest monthly fee.

What’s included in Bizally’s Bookkeeping Service

Daily Bank Reconciliations

Bizally will connect to your bank for automatic updates and simple bank reconciliations, allowing you to receive the transactions to your bank account automatically. Bizally will also create custom rules to match your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bills and purchases recorded in Xero making reconciliation seamless and accurate.

BAS Preparation & Lodgement

As Registered BAS Agents Bizally will prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements. Bizally will also reconcile your GST Account, as well as your salaries & wages account, review the revenue and expenses for each quarter to ensure the correct codes have been applied.

Management Reports

Business owners need up-to-date and accurate management reports to manage cash flows and resources. They also need these reports to help them monitor profitability and plan for future growth. Bizally’s Bookkeeping Service include tailored management reports that reflect your business needs. Bizally uses these reports to help you identify trends and changes that may impact your business.

Reports provided include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Monthly Cash flow statement 
  • Debtors Report – (Who owes you money)
  • Creditors Report – (Who you owe money to)

Monthly Review

Bizally’s Bookkeeping Services also include a monthly review by a Bizally accountant to ensure your accounts are in order.

Xero Subscription

Your Xero monthly subscription is also covered within your Bizally’s Bookkeeping Services package.

*Based on a 12-month subscription model. Excluding GST.

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