Wealth creation - Your financial freedom

Wealth creation - Your financial freedom

There has been a great deal of controversies in recent times about organisations providing financial planning. As is often the case a ‘few bad eggs’ can undermine the efforts of those providing a valuable service and peace of mind to their clients.

The more ‘colourful’ characters may have cultured your opinion of the whole sector. That is understandable, and that skepticism is necessary for making sure you engage with financial planners who have a vested interest in your long-term success.

Bizally understands there are two key stages to creating wealth and building financial freedom. The first stage is the creation of investment capital. The second stage is investing for long-term gains. Bizally have built a solid reputation over the last 3 decades by helping clients build their investment capital. Through a joint venture, Bizally now provides clients with access to a Financial Advisory service designed to support clients, with investment strategies and management.

Why enlist Bizally to help you plan and manage your finances?

Bizally has enduring long-term relationships with clients. Financial planning is key to these relationships as it provides a strategy for clients at every stage of their lives. From start-up business through to retirement and beyond, Bizally remains committed to clients success and financial independents. The Bizally team understands that financial planning is the difference between creating your own financial future and just hoping it will happen.

Planning your Financial Future

If you don’t know where you’re going, all roads lead to nowhere. Having a Financial Plan brings structure, direction and a degree of certainty to your Financial Future.

Food for thought

There is a lot at stake and statistics from The Financial Planning Association suggest over 84% of Australians retire on an income of less than $21,000. Many people underestimate their retirement costs, and you simply can’t rely on social security benefits to fund your retirement.

‘What can I expect from Bizally?’

It is important to remember that Bizally are not Financial Planners. We are accountants who have a strategic relationship with a Financial Planning service. This relationship provides our clients with a more granular and detailed approach to securing your financial future.

What services does Bizally provide?

Small Business Taxation and compliance

The most unglamorous aspect of securing your financial future is managing your compliance and tax requirements. Getting this right is essential as it is much more efficient to implement strategies to retain the money you have than to earn more.

Business management and planning

Bizally also works with clients to develop business forecasts and budgeting. These processes allow you to plan your finances better and free up resources to build your business and personal wealth. Bizally also provides support and advice on business software to ensure that you can easily access the types of information that help you make more informed decisions.

Bizally’s focus with small business is continual improvement. You may have reached a period where you feel you have become a success. However, you are probably a long way from reaching your full potential. Bizally works with clients to develop strategies to improve efficiency, business process, and expansion. We can advise you on how best to invest those short-term business gains to build real value.

Turning short term gains into long term wealth

As the saying goes, ‘make hay while the sun shines.’ Small businesses have peak earning times, which are often followed by leaner times. The same is true of our individual earning capabilities. These influxes of additional cash provide an opportunity to build long-term wealth.

Bizally helps clients establish strategies to build long-term wealth, maximising the long-term benefits of short-term gains. These strategies may include Self Managed Super Funds, buying business property, negative gearing and asset protection.

Financial advisory service

Bizally has a joint venture partner with Security National to provide Financial Advice to clients for investing and investment management. Timely, appropriate and independent financial advice is required to help you successfully plan for the future. We liaise with them on taxation, capital gains tax and succession planning issues to ensure that you have a cohesive financial strategy going forward.

Your goal is our goal

Our goal is to work closely with our clients to build their wealth and secure their financial futures. Wealth creation is the product of careful planning and informed decision making. The services provided by Bizally and our joint venture Financial Advisory service are designed to empower our clients to take charge of their financial futures.

Services tailored to wealth creation

Self Managed Super Funds

Individual Tax Return

Strategic Financial Planning for small business owners

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