Xero accounting for Tradesmen

Every year technology is liberating tradesmen. Whether it’s the nail gun or mobile business software, smart tradesmen use the latest technology to streamline their businesses. Bizally are small business specialists who understand the value of technology on tradesmen. In fact, Bizally has already helped many small business Tradesman like you grow their businesses and personal wealth.

Why Bizally?

You’re not an accountant, and you probably never want to become an accountant. However, you need the knowledge of an accountant to run a profitable business. Bizally will help you understand what you need to know about accounting, finance, and compliance requirements to improve your business. They work with many small trades businesses like yours, so they understand your challenges. Bizally can provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to help you make the right decision for your business. Bizally can help you build and implement a plan to create long-term financial security and grow your personal wealth.

Xero for Tradesmen

One of the recommendations Bizally makes to its Trades clients is to move their accounts to Xero in the Cloud. Xero allows clients to reduce the time it takes to maintain books and compliance requirements. Equally as important, Xero allows Bizally to work more closely and cost effectively with clients in identifying ways to improve their business models, fund growth and build personal wealth.

Mobile Business

As a Tradesperson, you don’t necessarily need (or want) to spend your time behind a desk. Even if you are managing a business with multiple employees, you want the flexibility of managing your business on the move. Xero provides you with such flexibility. Xero allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to quote clients and place orders from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to better service clients and reduces the burden of paperwork.

Employing apprentices

Do you fully understand the compliance requirements and opportunities of employing apprentices? Many tradespeople do not remain up to date with apprentice compliance requirements. The same tradespeople don’t take full advantage of the financial benefits of hiring apprentices. Bizally can ensure that you remain up to date on your compliance requirements and reduce the costs of employing apprentices and other staff.

Improve cash flow

As a small business cash flow is paramount. If you can improve the speed that you invoice and collect payments, then your business will run smoother, and you will sleep better. This is the benefit of Xero. Bizally can also review your business and suggest ways in which you can improve profitability and collectibles, as well as free up capital that may be locked away in stock or plant equipment.

Superannuation advice

Should you be using your Superannuation to reduce your tax burden? Should you have a Self Managed Super Fund? Can you use this fund to invest in property or grow your business? These are all questions that Bizally can answer. Bizally has many Tradesperson clients. All benefit from a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities that Tradespeople face. So could you. Simply call Bizally today to arrange and obligation free discussion.

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