Xero accounting for Retailers

Small business retailing is tough. Margins are not what they use to be, and retailers are being asked to do more with less. As a small retailer, you need to watch every penny. However, you cannot afford to take your eye off the big picture. The ability to stay on top of the detail as well as maintain that ‘big picture’ perspective is what defines success. This is where Bizally can help you.

Why Bizally?

Bizally focuses on small businesses, with many in the retail space. They understand how much stock control and staff influences the bottom line and work with clients to develop more efficient, customer-centric financial models for their retail clients.

Moving your accounts to the Cloud

One of the first steps Bizally takes with its Retailer clients is to help them migrate the accounts to the Cloud. Bizally’s recommended solution for small retailers is Xero. Moving your accounts to the Cloud on Xero will contribute to reducing the time and resources needed to manage your business.

Reducing stock levels

Many small businesses struggle to maintain their inventory levels properly. They are often overstocked in some areas, and under stocked in others. If you are overstocked, you lock up capital that can be used to better maintain and grow your business. If stock levels are too low, you risk losing business.

Bizally can help you link your Xero accounting software to your Point of Sale solution, ensuring that optimum stock levels are always maintained, reducing the need for stock takes. Moreover, this process can help free up capital.

Managing staff

The compliance requirements of staffing are significant challenges for small retailers. Bizally can help you set up your Xero accounting solution with payroll, to help reduce compliance demands. By automating repetitive functions, you can spend more time working on your business. Once you are using Xero payroll functions, Bizally can also help you identify ways of reducing payroll costs, while maintaining or improving customer service levels.

Streamline BAS and Individual Tax Returns

All Australian small businesses complain about the complexity and time required to submit BAS and Individual Tax Returns. Bizally can help you set up your Xero accounting solution in a manner that streamlines these requirements.

Work from anywhere at any time

Once you have migrated your accounts to the Xero Cloud, you can provide authorised, web-based access to anyone with a computer. This allows you to work remotely, or collaborate with an external bookkeeper. Even more importantly, once you provide Bizally with authorised access, they can provide you with reports that help you streamline your business and identify ways in which you can grow your business and personal wealth.

Smarter, more agile small business retailing

Xero even allows you to access your accounts on the go through easy to use apps for your tablet or smartphone. This degree of visibility, collaboration, and access, along with the support and experience of the Bizally team, will provide you with actionable insights to grow your business. Simply call Bizally today to arrange and obligation free discussion.

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