Xero accounting for Restaurants/Cafes

As a restaurant or café owner, you have little free time. Let’s be honest you have no free time. You are so business working in your business; you never have time to work on your business. You have staffing and payroll demands. You have to deal with suppliers. You have to stay on top of customers’ expectations. What little time you may have is eaten up by the drudgery and repletion of payroll and tax compliance. Bizally can help relieve some of the pressure and provide you with the analysis that allows you to develop a much more comprehensive understanding of your business financials.

It starts with bookkeeping

As a small business, you probably don’t have an IT department, which is why Bizally would advise you to move your financials and payroll across to Xero. Xero is a Cloud based solution, which means you don’t have to set up your software on any computer.

You can simply access your financials through a secure web portal. This will save you on IT costs, as well as provide a collaborative environment where you don’t need to have a bookkeeper onsite. More importantly, once you provide authorised access, Bizally can provide you with the reports and analysis that will help you understand where your business can reduce costs and your tax burden.

Reducing the time you spend on payroll

Xero will also help to streamline your payroll, by providing a simpler workflow that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. This will improve your compliance and allow you to stay on top of your payroll compliance.

BAS and Income Tax returns

Because Xero is so simple and fast to use, it allows you to collect all of the information you need for lodgement of Business Activity Statements and Income Tax returns. This will streamline lodgment and allow the Bizally team to review your figures faster, providing you with the information you need faster to reduce your tax and other compliance burdens.

360° view of your business

Sometimes when you’re focused on the detail, you lose perspective of the big picture. The big picture is this: You should be and can be profitable. Can you reduce your tax and compliance burden more than you have today? You have the ability to finance your growth and build long-term personal financial security. Xero is just one of the tools that Bizally uses to create these outcomes and develop an intimate understanding of your restaurant or café.

Bizally has a 360° view of their clients business and personal finances. They specialise in working with small business owners, helping them to review and streamline their business models and finances. They empower small business owners with invaluable insights they can use to build their financial futures, and they can help you. Simply call Bizally today to arrange and obligation free discussion.

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