Xero accounting for Hairdressers

Running a small Hairdressing business is the art of doing a lot with a little. You have few resources to deliver the best possible service to your clients and maintain a profitable business. You need to be efficient with your time, fully informed of your employee and tax obligations, while keeping your finger on the pulse on costs, time, and margins. Bizally can help you with advice and support across your entire business.

Why Bizally?

Bizally specialises in small business. They provide a level of service and support that helps small business build a stable footing from which to launch future growth and prosperity. Below are just a few areas in which Bizally can help you and your Hairdressing business grow and prosper.

Move your bookkeeping and accounting to the Cloud

The most efficient way to manage a small business today is with Cloud-based accounting software. After extensive research, Bizally has determined that Xero is the best solution for Australian small business.

The benefit of moving your accounting solution to the cloud is that it removes the need to maintain software on your own computers or servers. It also means that even if your computers fail or are stolen, you have immediate access and security around all of your financial records.

Work more closely with Bizally and your bookkeeper

Many small businesses leave it to tax time to talk to their accountants. Their reason is that they don’t want to spend any more than they need to on accountants. This is a false economy. If you have your financial records ‘in the cloud’, and you provide Bizally with access to these records, you can develop a relationship where Bizally can review how your business is going on a regular basis, providing you with ways to reduce overheads and compliance costs, streamline work practices and improve customer service.

And as a solution such as Xero allow Bizally to quickly create reports, reducing the time it takes to prepare this information.

Reduce the time it takes to comply with taxation and payroll obligations

One of the most immediate benefits of working with Bizally is the time you will save on lodging Bas statements and complying with your employer obligations. Bizally can help you set up and manage all of these activities through Xero, allowing you to spend more time on building your business and servicing your customer, therefore freeing up more time to spend with family and friends.

More timely tax advice

With a Cloud-based accounting software solution, Bizally can provide you with more timely information to minimise your tax burden and take advantage of regulation changes and Superannuation contribution.

Improve the value and frequency of sales

Do you know which areas of your business generate the most profit and which areas are costing you money? Do you know how much you earn from individual customers, and which ones can be better serviced? Do you know the cost of acquiring a new customer vs. the cost of retaining an existing customer? Bizally can help you understand this, as well as provide insights into industry trends that are driving profitability and growth.

If you have simple to use and maintain Cloud-based accounting solution such as Xero, Bizally can help you decipher the data you have on your business and turn this into actionable insights to drive your businesses growth and personal wealth.

Customised POS systems for Hairdressers

As a Hairdresser, you may not stock or sell a great deal of product. However, you probably have much more cash locked up in stock than you realise. Bizally can work with you to free up your cash flow by better managing inventory levels. It all starts with a Point Of Sale solution that is customised for the Hairdressing industry.

A POS solution will help you identify ‘best’ and ‘worse’ selling products, allowing you to stock your salons accordingly. This information also allows you to review margins and pricing based on consumer response, identify where you can improve profitability.

Superannuation advice

Should you be using your Superannuation to reduce your tax burden? Should you have a Self Managed Super Fund? Can you use this fund to invest in property or grow your business? These are all questions that Bizally can answer. Bizally have many Hairdressing clients. All benefit from a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities that Hairdressers face. So could you. Simply call Bizally today to arrange and obligation free discussion.

Learn about Hairdresser Kylie Anderson and how Bizally helped her acquire an existing business.

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