Income tax returns for Small business owners

Income tax returns for Small business owners

In addition to preparing your company tax returns, Bizally provides small business directors and owners with a tax planning and return service. This service is designed for small business owners to understand the range of tax minimisation options they have available, which is key to building your financial security and personal wealth.

Income tax returns for start-up owners

Not all start-ups begin with a formal company structure. Many start-up owners personal tax returns are complicated by this fact. The same is true for the timing of a purchase or investing in an existing business, establishing a self-managed super fund, negative gearing property, and share trades. Understanding what can be claimed and depreciated and what impact that has on your personal tax return can be complicated.

The team at Bizally specialises in income tax returns for business start-up owners. Their experience ensures nothing is missed, and you take full advantage of the benefits that you are entitled to.

Working in a manner that’s convenient to you

Bizally’s preference is to meet with new clients to discuss the tax implications of their small business and investments, before helping directors, investors and owners prepare their tax returns. The benefits of this face-to-face activity are that it creates a confidential forum to understand your long-term goals, as well as your short-term needs. Bizally believes that the best outcomes for its clients are achieved when a strong relationship is formed on a foundation of trust. Face to face interactions are the best way to begin these relationships, and they create an opportunity to provide clients with other tools (such as checklists, and Excel templates) to help streamline and reduce the cost of preparing their personal tax returns.

Electronic document exchange

Bizally can also work with you to electronically exchange the information required to prepare your personal tax return. Bizally uses the ATO electronic lodgment service (ELS) to reduce costs and speed up processing. You can also provide your records electronically, by providing Bizally with access to your Cloud accounting software, by providing electronic reports or completing Bizally’s proprietary small business owner templates.

How much can I minimise my tax burden with Bizally?

If you are genuine about wanting to reduce your tax burden, build your long-term financial security, while mitigating risk contact Bizally today to arrange a discussion.

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