Ezzybills with Xero

Ezzybills with Xero

At Bizally, we believe that time is the most valuable resource of small business owners, which is why we are committed to helping business owners find solutions to save more of this precious resource. One such solution is EzzyBills.

EzzyBills extracts the data from your supplier invoices and automatically enters this into your accounting software by pushing through accurate, line-by-line information, therefore largely eliminating the tedious task of data entry and saving you valuable time.

How does EzzyBills work?

Most invoices today are supplied electronically in one form or another. EzzyBills supplies you with a unique email address where you are can forward your invoices as emails, PDF file attachments, in-body text or hyperlinks. You can also give your suppliers this email address so they can send to EzzyBills direct!

In addition you ‘drag and drop’ photo snaps, CSV files, Excel, or Word documents directly into the EzzyBills website.

After adding an invoice and within just a few seconds, Ezzybills will extract your invoice data, including line items and save the invoice as a draft Bill in your Xero file.

Importantly Ezzybills attaches the source invoice to the transaction in Xero, meaning you have a permanent record of the transition.

How much time can my business save using Ezzybills and Xero?

The time you save will depend on the time you currently spend inputting purchase bills.  One of the significant benefits of using Ezzybills and Xero is that you don’t have a last-minute rush to add information into your Xero account. Ezzybills helps keep your accounts up to date, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and compliance requirements.

How do I setup Ezzybills with Xero

If you are a Bizally client, we can assist you with this process and show you how you can reduce the time you spend on bookkeeping, as well as accounting costs. You can also click on the following link to find out more about how to setup Ezzybills for your business.

Ezzybills Xero users guide