Accounting packages for small businesses

Accounting packages for small businesses

Managing cash flow is paramount for small businesses, which is why lump sum payments for professional services can be a problem. For many small business owners, they may delay seeking professional advice, simply because their cash flow does not allow this.

This practice is most common in accounting services, where delays in seeking the right advice can result in fines, higher tax bills, poor decision making or even worse.

Bizally provides a solution that allows small business to access the right accounting information promptly. Clients who use this service have greater confidence in their decision making and better manage BAS, tax, payroll and other compliance requirements.

Advantages of Bizally's fixed price accounting packages 

Bizally provides fixed price accounting packages where a client pays a set amount each month. This recurring monthly amount covers specific accounting/bookkeeping services, based on a contract or tailored solution.

What's the alternative to Bizally's fixed price accounting packages

Professional services such as accounting are based on an hourly billing model, which makes it difficult to predict in advance how much you need to invest. This can also result in a dramatic variation in costs year to year. Bizally’s fixed price accounting packages remove all of this uncertainty, allowing you to access the information and resources you need when you need it.

14 benefits of Bizally's fixed price accounting packages

  1. Allows you to budget for your monthly accounting fees
  2. A greater sense of certainty
  3. No shock bills from your accountants
  4. Know what’s covered under your fixed price
  5. Easy to budget for new businesses
  6. Have your accountant on stand-by, year-round
  7. Better collaboration between accountant and client (know that you can call your accountant year-round)
  8. Peace of mind
  9. Simpler cash flow management
  10. Know that your compliance requirements are taken care of
  11. A fixed price agreement to suit your individual business’s needs (if you cannot find one that’s right for you on our website, contact us and we can tailor-make one to suit)
  12. Covers cloud-based accounting costs and allows your bookkeeper/accountant to generate financial information for you, in real-time
  13. Increased confidence in your accountant
  14. Straight-forward, easy to understand pricing model


The right Bizally's fixed price accounting package for your business

Click on the link below to select the right Bizally package for you. Choose from Small business, Sole Trader or Bookkeeping. Bizally can also tailor a package solution that fits your specific business needs. Simply call Bizally now on (03) 9887 9144 and arrange a free discussion.

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