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Ben Stokes

Ben’s more than two decades of small business advisory experience has shaped his belief that his role as an Advisor is as much about understanding people as numbers. 

He knows that modern accounting technology can save time for his clients and create better information for businesses than traditional accounting approaches. 

However, he believes his most important role is to clarify important decisions his clients need to make, and to provide them with an expert view of their financial options and opportunities.  

Ben uses his knowledge and experience to provide business insights in language that makes sense for each business owner. He provides advice in a way that assists his clients to better understand their taxation and regulatory obligations and business opportunities.

His passion for building his clients wealth led Ben to qualify as a Specialist Advisor with the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Association, one of many qualifications Ben brings to his role. 
His nurturing nature extends to being a proud father of two awesome boys, a loving husband, passionate cook, a keen Geelong supporter and a gardener always looking for good tips.



Marco Polloni

Marco is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and is a registered Self-Managed Super Fund Auditor. His quiet demeanour conceals a passionate and knowledgeable tax expert with a nuanced and detailed understanding of every aspect of the Australian tax code.

His obsessive need to understand the world has made him a voracious reader, and passionate about current affairs. His disciplined approach extends to running and marathons. 

Marco provides a level of specialist expertise that complements the extensive capabilities of other Bizally team members, allowing small businesses and self-funded super clients a clear competitive advantage.

Marco is extremely approachable and always finds a way to explain complicated tax and accounting matters in a way that is easy for non-accountants to understand.  



Robert Harding
Senior Accountant & Client Manager 

Rob’s role as Senior Accountant & Client Manager at Bizally for more than 15 years has provided him with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities Australian small business owners face. It’s this knowledge and experience and face to face connection that makes him the ideal 'go to' guy for small business owners wanting to take charge of their finances and future. 

Small business owners need more than once a year tax compliance support. They need someone within reach to bounce ideas off or seek regular advice about financial decisions. It's a role Rob enthusiastically embraces. 

Away from work, Rob enjoys spending time with his young family, and is passionate about all sports including Formula 1 and AFL. 

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